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ngspice (16)
Ngspice is both the name of a development project and the name of the developed software (hmm, strange isnt'it ?).
License: Shareware
  03/11/2019 Download Now

KVocLearn (0.4.4)
A KDE-tool for learning foreign languages and/or question-answer cards.
License: GNU Public License
  02/03/2019 Download Now

igotu2gpx (0.3.0)
igotu2gpx for Linux : MobileAction i-gotU Mac/Linux support
License: GPL v3    Size: 0.43 MB 
  03/14/2019 Download Now

Stickytime (0.5.3)
Stickytime is a digital clock that also displays the current state of the stickykeys and mousekeys as set by an accessibility program.
License: Shareware
  01/28/2019 Download Now

X Transparency Daemon (0.2.0)
X Transparency Daemon provides a daemon which uses the X11 server to set the transparency of user-defined applications to user-defined values.
License: Shareware
  03/12/2019 Download Now

Popup Fortune (2)
Popup Fortune is a python application which takes over your root window and displays on it output of the 'fortune' program in boxes (or whatever program you specify).
License: Shareware
  03/12/2019 Download Now

Doodle (0.6.4)
Doodle is a tool to quickly search the documents on a computer. Doodle builds an index using meta-data contained in the documents and allows fast searches on the resulting database.
License: Shareware
  03/12/2019 Download Now

gWineCD (1.2.0)
gWineCD is an application that sits in the system tray that can eject and close CD or DVD-ROM trays programmatically.
License: Shareware
  01/24/2019 Download Now

Xfe (1.41)
Xfe for Linux : A Microsoft Explorer-like file manager for the X Window System on GNU/Linux OSes
License: GNU Public License    Size: 1.63 MB 
  03/01/2019 Download Now

fookb (3.1)
Fookb is Xkb state indicator. It can display an icon corresponding to current locked Xkb group. It also can switch Xkb groups.
License: Shareware
  03/12/2019 Download Now