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GNU gperf (3.0.4)
GNU gperf for Linux : GNU gperf is a perfect hash function generator.
License: GNU Public License    Size: 0.98 MB 
  03/09/2019 Download Now

Lrc Editor (0.1.2)
Lrc Editor for Linux : A Lrc Files Editor
License: GNU Public License    Size: 0.19 MB 
  03/14/2019 Download Now

ProVerif Editor (0.2)
ProVerif Editor for Linux : Check and edit protocols specified in SPI-calculus
License: GNU Public License    Size: 27.84 KB 
  03/08/2019 Download Now

Oracle PL/SQL executing OS Commands (0.6)
Oracle PL/SQL executing OS Commands for Linux : PL/SQL executing shell (operating system) commands: OS_COMMAND and FILE_TYPE
License: Other    Size: 36.85 KB 
  03/12/2019 Download Now

kcm_touchpad (0.3.1)
kcm_touchpad for Linux : Synaptics driver based touchpads kcontrol module
License: GNU Public License    Size: 28.87 KB 
  03/10/2019 Download Now

QtdSync (0.6.15 Beta)
QtdSync for Linux : Local or remote folder backup tool
License: Freeware    Size: 6.28 MB 
  03/07/2019 Download Now

WeatherLog (1.10.1)
WeatherLog for Linux : An Open Source Python weather application for tracking weather information on Linux
License: MIT/X    Size: 0.87 MB 
  03/14/2019 Download Now

SportWatcher (0.5)
SportWatcher for Linux : Sport session management
License: GPL v3    Size: 0.89 MB 
  03/14/2019 Download Now

Avira Update Manager (
Avira Update Manager for Linux : A free and automatic download utility for keeping Avira products up-to-date everyday!
License: Other    Size: 9.52 MB 
  03/10/2019 Download Now

XSensors (0.70)
XSensors for Linux : A program designed to display all the related information from motherboard sensors
License: GNU Public License    Size: 0.11 MB 
  03/10/2019 Download Now