Sysnews Description:

Display new system news at login

This program is used to display system related news to the users at login. it should be placed in the system-wide startup file of the shells available on the system. (/etc/profile for bash/sh, /etc/csh.login for csh/tcsh, /etc/zprofile for zsh, etc..), so its executed every time a user logs in. (i suggest to use `news -n', that way only article titles will be displayed and the user can decide when s/he wants to read it) the system news is kept in a directory /var/sysnews (this can be changed) where each sysnews article is a separate file (with the filename being the sysnews title.) to add a system news article, just edit one with your favorite editor and copy it /var/sysnews read the man-page for more details.

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Last Updated: 01/25/2019
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