Rcom Description:

Terminal program for serial device

RCOM was designed for use with a packet controller. My PK-232 works well with it. RCOM supports a large scroll back buffer and is simple to use. In fact it looks kinda plain. It has a local keyboard line buffer and display.
Requirments are:
1. Packet Controller on a serial port.
2. TCP/IP support.

Based on the configuration file (see below) RCOM will run in either host mode or remote mode. In either mode RCOM accepts keyboard input and control. If you choose to use the networking aspect of it, any machine running RCOM will have access to the packet controller, its scroll back buffer and all of its functions.
Keyboard Commands:
F1 = Screen refresh
F3 = Reload scroll buffer from host

F5 = Connect to HOST RCOM
F6 = Socket status screen
F9 = Buffer status screen
F10 = Display keyboard help screen
F11 = Send an '*' for autobaud detection at pk232 startup.
F12 = Exit program.
Scroll keys are page up/down, Home for top of buffer, End for bottom of buffer, and the up/down cursor keys for line by line scrolling.

RCOM - Configuration
RCOM reads in a configuration file /etc/rcom.conf and adjusts its self to work. It also will create a default /etc/rcom.conf file the first time it runs if the file does not exist. It is recommened that you first let it make one and then edit it with a text editor. Instructions will be in that file.
Computer with tnc:
set the /dev/cua?

Remote computer:
set the ip address of the host

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