Mail2bbs Description:

Using sendmail to write an import file

Mail2BBS is a package that enables sendmail to write an import file. It's easy to configure and has install and uninstall utilities. Its features include the handling of multiple 'To:' lines and 'CC:' lines. It has a callsign checking routine that quietly drops any message from someone not using a callsign on the 'From:' line. There is a master translate.from file that goes in the /usr/local/etc/ax25 or /etc/ax25 directory that converts the the From line to a callsign at the home bbs listed on the same line in order to prevent an unwanted change to the white pages. There is also a ~/.translate.from so users can configure their own mail. There are 'T:' lines in the message so the original senders information is retained.

The message type is detected by checking the who the message it sent to and where it is send. If the 'To' field and the portion of the 'atbbs' field left of the dot (if there's a dot) are both callsigns then it's a personal. All other messages are considered to be bulletins.

It appears to install and function correctly on Slackware 4.0 and Redhat 6.0.

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