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Category Highlights

PolarBlog (1.6.1)
PolarBlog is an easily configurable embedded Weblog system that functions with PHP's register_globals off and safe_mode on.
License: Shareware
  03/12/2019 Download Now

LinPHA (1.0)
LinPHA is an easy-to-use, multilingual, flexible photo/image archive/album/gallery written in PHP.
License: Shareware
  01/05/2019 Download Now

bobot++ (2.1.7)
Bobot++ project is the C++ version of the IRC bot bobot written by Etienne Bernard and Bartman.
License: Shareware
  01/02/2019 Download Now

UseBB (0.7)
UseBB project is an easy-to-set up and easy-to-use PHP/MySQL bulletin board system with several user and administration possibilities, especially designed for small to medium sized Web sites which do not need the overdose of features found in other forum packages.
License: Shareware
  02/13/2019 Download Now

CMSimple (2.5)
CMSimple is a simple content management system for simple maintainance of small commercial or private sites. It has a simple installation, is easy to modify, and offers an unique combination of features.
License: Shareware
  02/22/2019 Download Now

dbacl (1.11)
dbacl is a digramic Bayesian text classifier. Given some text, it calculates the posterior probabilities that the input resembles one of any number of previously learned document collections.
License: Shareware
  01/03/2019 Download Now

KImageMapEditor (1.0.1)
KImageMapEditor is a tool for Linux/KDE that allows you to edit image maps of HTML files.It can be fully integrated with Quanta since it is based on KPart technology.
License: Shareware
  02/16/2019 Download Now

EMailRobot (0.3)
EMailRobot is a simple object-oriented framework for developing email auto-responders.
License: Shareware
  02/27/2019 Download Now

phppdflib (2.8)
phppdflib is a class written in php that presents an easy to use API for generating PDF files dynamically.
License: Shareware
  03/06/2019 Download Now

Mozilla Quickstarter (0.6)
Mozilla Quickstarter runs an instance of Mozilla in background.
License: Shareware
  03/06/2019 Download Now