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   LabPlot (1.5.0) Free Download
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Category: Miscellaneous 
Publisher: Stefan Gerlach      More titles >>
Last Updated: 8/24/2005
Requirements: Not specified
License: Freeware
Operating system: Unix
Hits: 2001
File size: 8.5 MB
Price: Not specified

LabPlot  1.5.0 Description:

LabPlot is a KDE application for data plotting and function analysis. * versatile data and function plotting
 * flexible data reading/writing in different formats (including cdf, netcdf, audio, binary, images)
 * reading of images (over 80 image formats) and compressed data
 * extensive parser for creating 2d, 3d functions
 * support for all GNU Scientific Library (GSL) functions and constants
 * creating 2d, 3d, surface, polar, ternary, and pie plots from function and data files
 * flexible 3d plot with rotation
 * multiple plots per worksheet
 * data set operations
 * speed mode for large data sets and data mode for inspecting data points
 * easy editing of plots
 * clone graphs and delete/clone plots
 * versatile spreadsheet for data manipulation
 * double click in plot to open detailed dialogs for all settings
 * every object can be dragged by mouse
 * online scaling and shifting of plots
 * LaTeX and richtext label support
 * evaluating expressions and direct editing of data
 * data statistics information
 * drawing objects editing by mouse
 * free or pan zooming, masking of data points and marker
 * analysis of data and functions
  * average, smooth and prune data
  * compress, periodical and seasonal analysis
  * peak find
  * interpolation (splines, etc.)
  * differences
  * integration
  * histogram
  * regression (up to 10th order)
  * non-linear fit (also any user defined function with up to 9 parameter)
  * fourier, wavelet and hankel transform
  * (de)convolution
  * image manipulation
 * LabPlot project files
  * support for different worksheets and spreadsheets using MDI
  * save and open all worksheets and spreadsheet in a project file (*.lpl)
  * editable project information
  * export worksheets as image, ps, svg, eps, pdf and many more formats (using pstoedit or ImageMagick)
  * import/export data from/to PostgreSQL, mySQL, etc. via KexiDB
  * many example project files
  * import of Origin opj projects
 * KDE look and feel
  * configure default value for plot style and symbols
  * print and embedded print preview
  * drag and drop support
  * KPart for LabPlot projects
  * KDE handbook (english and german)
  * complete scriptable using Qt Script for Applications (QSA)

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