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  All Categories: Linux >> PC tools >> File
  Software titles : 1-25 of  47 found.
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1 - What
Display copyright or version information from a file
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  9/30/2004 Download Now
2 - Mmv
Utility for wildcard renaming, copying, etc
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  9/12/2004 Download Now
3 - Vitals
Compute crc, sum, line, word, and character counts
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  5/27/2004 Download Now
4 - File Listing Maker (0.00)
Make the various file listings quickly & easily as your wish, you can use it to make a file listing for audio, pictures or other resources; to backup or archive files information, to submit or send as a e-mail, to edit resources file (for developers), etc.
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 968 KB
  6/24/2005 Download Now
5 - Cpmtools
A collection of CP/M tools
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  9/8/2004 Download Now
6 - Fileutils
GNU File Utilities
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  8/15/2004 Download Now
7 - Alien
Install Debian and Slackware Packages with rpm
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  2/22/2003 Download Now
8 - Beav
Binary Editor And Viewer (hex editor)
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  4/24/2003 Download Now
9 - Uudeview
A smarter uudecode/uuencode
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  1/24/2004 Download Now
10 - Smbfs
Programs to access SMB network servers
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  7/4/2003 Download Now
11 - Zipcrc
CRC generator derived from the zip utility.
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  9/20/2004 Download Now
12 - Dtree
Display directory structure in a tree format
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  7/22/2004 Download Now
13 - Macutils
Utilities for manipulating Macintosh file formats
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  7/16/2004 Download Now
14 - Macfont
Converts Mac Type 1 fonts
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  9/4/2004 Download Now
15 - Mtools
Programs to access DOS disks w/o mounting them
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  4/24/2003 Download Now
16 - DBF Doctor (1.34)
Lost important data in a corrupt dbf-file? You are in for luck! DBF Doctor is a precision-engineered tool for automatic dbf-file recovery. It performs a comprehensive analysis of the file structure and repairs it with a remarkable accuracy and speed.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 2000    Size: 1404 KB
  10/19/2006 Download Now
17 - Symlinks
Symbolic link sanity checker
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  4/8/2003 Download Now
18 - Ren (1.0)
REN renames multiple files and folders. Rename your files, change file extension, make all names lower/upper case, replace or delete characters, add prefixes and suffixes, or replace the names altogether with sequential names.
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux    Size: 2715 KB
  9/21/2004 Download Now
19 - Lsof
Lists files open by processes
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  9/25/2004 Download Now
20 - DBF Comparer (2.01)
Need to find data matches in DBF files? DBF Comparer is an easy solution, which provides you with a detailed report on the comparison procedure. You will be glad to hear that this electronic wizard supports case sensitive and memo fields comparison.
License: Demo    OS: Windows 2000    Size: 1204 KB
  9/19/2006 Download Now
21 - Findutils
GNU Find Utilities (find, xargs, and locate)
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  8/21/2004 Download Now
22 - Ship
SHIP. encodes binary files and mails them, Can split.
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  7/1/2004 Download Now
23 - Optsnag
A utility that dumps command line options of other applications
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  8/22/2004 Download Now
24 - Hfsutils
Tools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  7/23/2004 Download Now
25 - Id3ed
Edit id3 description tags in mpeg3 files
License: Not Specified    OS: Linux
  1/19/2003 Download Now

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