Smirc-common Description:

SmIRC files common to both the static and the dynamic versions

SmIRC is an X11R6 IRC client, based on the Motif widget set. This release has most of the functionality expected from an IRC client. Only DCC is missing. Everything else usually expected from an IRC client is included. The interface is designed to be simple, short, and sweet. SmIRC's look and feel is highly customizable, via its resource file. All output can be customized with your favorite fonts and colors. Runtime help pages are provided in an HTML format. You will need an HTML browser (lynx is fine) to read them. This package installs files shared by smirc and smirc-static packages. After installing this package you must install either smirc, or smirc-static package. The smirc package contains the smirc program dynamically linked with Motif 2.1 libraries. Install the smirc RPM if you already have Motif 2.1 installed. The smirc-static package contains the smirc program statically linked with Motif 2.1 libraries. Install the smirc-static RPM if you do not have Motif 2.1 installed.

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Last Updated: 01/28/2019
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