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Category: Miscellaneous 
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Last Updated: 6/15/2004
Requirements: Not specified
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Operating system: Linux
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Digitemp   Description:

Digital Temperature Sensor for Linux DigiTemp is a simple to use interface to the Dallas Semiconductor DS1820 digital temperature sensor. I have written software for Linux, DOS, and Win95 to read temperatures and log them to a disk file or display them continuously. The Linux software package also includes several useful Perl scripts for creating graphs and dynamic signatures.


- Easy Installation -- Uses 1 COM port
- Number of sensors limited only by the length and type of cable used.
- Measures temperatures from -55 C to +70 C (-67 F to +158 F)
- Accuracy is +/- 0.5 C (0.9 F)
- 2 wire interface

You can use DigiTemp in a wide variety of applications, such as heating control, process monitoring, weather station, indoor/outdoor temperature logging, etc. Because DigiTemp uses the Dallas Semiconductor DS1820 2 wire temperature sensor it is easy to add more temperature sensors when you need them.

Included with the DigiTemp package are several perl scripts that demonstrate the creation of .html files that can be used with a local or remote web server. The rem_temp script shows how you can upload a .html file to a remote web server, or create a graph of the most recent temperature readings.

NOTICE: The temperature range of the DS1820 is actually -55 C to +125 C. But since DigiTemp is being powered from the serial port most systems will only be able to read temperatures up to about +70 C. I have two machines here, one which reads up to about +120 C and the other that only reads up to +75 C. If you require temperature readings in the +70 C to +125 C range then the Basic DigiTemp will probably not work for you. I am in the process of designing a new DigiTemp capable of reading the full range of temperatures.

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